What is Hot Power Yoga?

Hot Power Yoga class offers Vinyasa style hot yoga. The room is heated from 90- 100 degrees depending on the teacher’s pace for the class. In the Vinyasa flow, the movements are linked to the breath of either inhaling or exhaling; sometimes holding poses longer and other times moving faster. The sequence of poses is smooth and fluid in which one pose runs to the next like a dance, and usually includes sun salutations.

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Class Etiquette

How to Prepare for your First Yoga Class:

Bring a bottle of water, a towel and a mat if you have one. (Note: the studio has towels and mats you can use and also sells water.) Wear fitted exercise clothing that you can sweat in. Also, please arrive to the studio about 15 minutes before your first class to meet your instructor and fill out a short “new student” form.  This will also leave you ample time to ask any questions, prepare for class, and relax onto your mat.

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